SPRING THREAD хирургические нити

Spring Thread® is a totally innovative suspension thread for the treatment of skin aging.

A specific mechanical design and the use of silicone and polyester in its production process yield to the

only flexible and elastic thread on the market.


1st SurgiConcept is a French company located in the North of France, well known for its economic

dynamism and its industrial know-how in the textile and medical fields.

The creator, Jean FRISMAND, medical doctor and graduate in biomechanics, own a 25 years experience in

the design and manufacture of surgical implants and filed over 30 patents.

BACKGROUNG of Suspension Threads

Suspension threads have been invented twenty five years ago by a Georgian surgeon, Dr. Sulamanidze, by

creating indentations in a polypropylene thread.

This thread has a good immediate hanging by pimples, but in the longer term, there is either loss of

fixation (the thread is not elastic and supports too much stress on few indentations), either sometimes an

extrusion of the end of the thread. The thread is too rigid. Often, temporal pain: there is no shockabsorber

for the movements of the face. Finally, the positioning of a rigid thread must be perfect,

otherwise there is over or under correction.

A new thread consisting of nodes and absorbable cones proposes to improve the concept. Although there

is a very satisfactory immediate hanging because of the large size of the cones, long term holding on

rounded nodes should be less effective than the previous pimples threads, which was already unsatisfying.

On the other hand, this thread is still not elastic.

There are also absorbable threads made of PDO or PLLA, whose action is supposed to produce fibrosis

that maintains the suspension. These threads are effective for a short period, often less than 1 year, for a

significant cost to the patient.


The tissues composing the face: skin, fat, muscles are complex materials. Their mechanical behaviour, not

linear, is called viscoelastic. This behaviour is not at all reproduced by a polypropylene mono-filament. So,

after some years, it cannot remain intimately associated with the tissue in which it operates.


Spring Thread ™ is a composite implant, such as human body tissues (elastin fibbers and collagen helix). It

consists of a silicone matrix that provides elasticity and flexibility and a polyester helix core which provides

resistance and control of the elasticity (20%).

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